Import from Adobe XD

Hello, Is there a way of importing into Bootstrap Studio designs done in Adobe XD? - Sorry if this has been asked before, I havent found it onnthe furum. Thanks Fran

I haven't used it, but it says you can export from Adobe XD as HTML and CSS. You can import HTML into BSS as custom code, and you can import CSS files directly. Custom code can be edited, but not through BSS's visual interface. You can always rebuild the HTML with BSS's components, and then use the CSS file generated by Adobe XD for styling. What exactly are you building in Adobe XD that you want to bring into BSS?

Thanks for your reply. I havent been able to export neither html nor css from Adobe XD, it only allowed me to export graphics. I have read about a few plugins but havent found a suitable free one, that is why I was asking if some one has been able to do it. To answer your question: I am not building anything at the time but I have a couple of ideas and before deciding what platfom to use I would like to know what options I have for the comple flow from the wireframe desing to the finished and deployed app.

I guess you need a plug-in to export as HTML/CSS from Adobe XD.

My advice is to steer clear of anything from Adobe having to do with web development. Their track record with web software is abysmal. Personally, I've never understood the concept of wireframing. What is the difference in work between building a wireframe, or the actual app/website?

Without discusing if Adobe web tools are good or not, personaly I have stayed away from them.<br>

Regarding wireframing, it may be useful sometimes. On a previous job we did something similar using PowerPoint, basically was a very rough design to show business people so they agree to the several sections of the webpage, it was done in a couple of hours but latter on, when we did the actual model they could not complain that things where not in the place they wanted. It saved us a lot of time going back and forward.<br>

Yes, it seems a plug in is the way forward. I have just found this video, haven't whatched it yet as is over one hour but covers among others Converting Adobe XD to basic HTML and CSS. Firts I need to find out if is using a free plug in or not <br> I also have to check this plugin but it is not free

Sorry mate, I replied to this yesterday, not sure what happened... Building a wireframe is quicker and is a way for the busniess part to decide if the layout is what they want before doing any more work or if need any change. Personaly I dont use Adobe for websire development, my idea is to wireframe in Adobe, then I have to decide if the next step will be done in Adobe or in Bootstrap studio.