Import from old website picture not show

Hi Import from old website pictue not show Help me please


We need a lot more information than that. We have no idea how you added it to your page, where it was imported to, did you put it in a directory or is it in the root of your images section, tell us exactly what you did, how you did it or provide us with the project file so we can take a look.

enter image description here

Import Page and image Old website to Bootstrap studio no picture Please resolve. i have picture Error show you.

Did you upload the photos? If so, then you'll need to either share a copy of your project file here for us users to check or contact support to have them check it. I'm guessing you didn't do something right with the photos. You have to import the photos into BSS or reference the full absolute URL if they are not in BSS in order for them to work correctly.

Where are you uploading the site to? A BSS server or your own server? Check to make sure the images are in the assets folder that is exported and make sure you upload the structure exactly as BSS exports it, you cannot change any locations of files after export, they will not work then either.