Import Image Screen Freeze


I was trying to import an image from my desktop, but the importing screen had frozen and I cannot cancel the action either. I've imported many images before and this never happened. I also restarted my computer, my bootstrap studio and also deleted it and re-installed, but nothing changed. It still seems like it's loading and importing. I'd be glad if you could help me.


my crystal ball ain't working, so I can only try to guess. Since that's happening on ONE specific image, and you have imported many in the past, that image has a problem. Try to open in photoshop and re-save it.

and upload that specific image somewhere so that a proper bug can be filled with enough info to reproduce it.

Also check the size of the image. There have been people that posted with import issues in the past and it was usually due to a horrendously sized image, which should never be put on a website.

I recently had an issue with a small .png image, about 300px wide, and EVERY time I'd place it, the system would start to slow down to crawl and within 20-30 seconds, totally freeze up to where I had to do a hard reboot. Brought it back into Photoshop, resaved it, problem gone. Sometimes and image can (I guess) become corrupt and cause something in the program to choke.

@Printninja that's a bug. And you know how to reproduce it if you still have that image. My suggestion is to post that image somewhere so that @martin can fix the issue.

I don't want to lose hours of work because of a bug freezing my system

@osmansoylu can you send us the image that's causing problems to our email address (given it isn't something personal/sensitive of course)?

@Printninja if you have that png lying around we would love to see it.