Import other BSS Design files into current workspace

I’ve realized throughout the time using Bootstrap Studio, that there is no option to import prior created designs into a currently opened workspace. I’ve looked at other ways of doing it throughout the forum. But that includes importing them file by file, which would be a strain if you accidentally forget something, or forget to change the visibility to the current page.

This would be extremely helpful when creating a portfolio like website. Basically, if you have permission from your prior clients letting you use the work you’ve created using Bootstrap Studio, you can import the BSS Design into a single workspace.

You are then prompted if you would like to create a new folder, or add it to an existing folder, or import it as the name of the BSS Design file. Then it would take the content inside of the BSS Design file and create copies of the content inside, in the respected folder(s)*.

(*) It would also create a folder in the Pages, Images, Styles and JavaScript named after the directory you’ve selected / created, or the BSS Design file name. It would also link the style sheets, JavaScript, and images to the files that were within the design.

This would be extremely helpful to those who are freelancers, or trying to showcase multiple designs. All files would be in one workspace, which you can link to the pages.

Something like this? All templates are few, or are in folders in my site directory, or have been incorporated.

Note, not all are working, I need to fix this.

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Color me stupid just got outta bed haha, but wouldn’t it be a whole lot simpler to create a portal and just upload all your projects to separate directories and create the portal with image links that lead eventually to the actual uploaded portfolio? Seems it would be a lot less work that way. Just a thought :slight_smile:

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Honestly, It’s similar to that. I’m just thinking that it would be easier to import an already created BSS Design into a currently opened BSS Design, instead of exporting the BSS Design you want to import, then manually importing each file one by one. This would save a lot of time to create portfolio like websites.

I love the first part of your message. But creating a portal would be out of the questions, as I’m hosting with Bootstrap Studio and CloudFlare. I was thinking of just uploading the exported website designs to Github and hosting it there with Github Pages, but it would then no longer be apart of my domain, it would be apart of Github by that point. Then again, I think there is a limit to how much space / files can be uploaded using Bootstrap Studios as my host.

I’ll look into alternative ways to do this, or import the files one by one.

The one I presented to you was made this way, Github and cloudflare.

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Is there a reason you cant just link to the clients existing website?

Also duplicating their site could have adverse effects on there SEO.

Honestly, I didn’t think of that. I will link to their website, but it’s not just for showing off clients website. It’s also showing other things, such as Frontend Mentor Challenges, designs I’ve created, and other content that is in separate BSS Design files. The reason I mentioned clients, is that I have the wireframe of their website, with no content that’s linked to their brand / company, besides color scheme, design, and look.

This might be way out there lol, but here goes …

What if you did each project with a specific CSS class setup so that all the classes could “only” go to that project (Using an ID on the body could probably do this). Rinse and repeat and then create a directory for each one in a Parent project and copy the files for each project into their respective directories. With specific CSS file naming you could easily do this with probably a little bit of tweaking along the way to keep it clean … just thinking off the top of my overtaxed brain today lol.

There’s a free service that turns HTML to BSSDESIGN. I would rather use that than pay to have it done.