Import owl carousel 2 to Bootstrap Studio

Dear Bootstrap Studio Team,

Team support help me.


Did YOU try to add it to your design? Can you share a .bss with your test?

i see Owl Caousel2 is available on this cdn: so i'd say you could try to link all resources needed and build your design with it following the examples here: and

Hi Marrco,

I can not integrate OwlCarousel2 through template on bootstrap studio.

Thank you.

Number 1 - this is wrong section for this type of query.

Number 2 - for us to help can you detail what steps you did to try and get this to work.

Your thread is vague on detail. But considering owl carousel is NOT a default carousel that BSS provides you will likely have to add some classes and link to the CSS and JS that Marrco suggests.

Hi Team,

Can you breif me step by step how to install owl carousel in bootstrap studio.

Thank you

Asking the forum members how to build websites is not appropriate for this (or any) forum. The forums are for help with using the Bootstrap Studio software. We're not here to teach people how to build websites, or how to use third-party widgets/plug-ins/scripts/etc.

I'd be out of a job if I spent all my time teaching other people how to do what I do for a living. Maybe try reading the installation instructions on the Owl Slider website.