import php files

I have a PHP form processor which I linked to a page I created in BSS. But there seems to be no way for BSS to know about the PHP page. It would be nice if I could manage all assets for the site within BSS, not just files created by BSS.

Thank you for starting this thread! We've discussed it before in the forums - Bootstrap Studio is a design tool, and writing PHP requires IDE functionality with a debugger, code completion, refactoring and more. It is better to keep the app focused on what it's good at (drag and drop design and rapid prototyping) and leaving PHP editing to Netbeans, PHPStorm etc.

Dear Martin,

I totally agree with you, it is a drag and drop design tool. But if you can just allow us to add php file to a folder and while publishing it includes that folder and php file is enough. I do not want to edit php or even open the file anywhere. It is just for publishing purpose.

I hope you can think on this and try to included this feature if possible.

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I personally would like to see the ability to include "any" files we deem necessary to be included, but I'd rather they set it up to be read from an external folder rather than import them all. It would really be a lot of hassle with importing as well as making the project file huger and huger.

Give us the ability to set an external project file or better yet, let us add a folder inside BSS with nothing in it and link that folder to an external folder on our hard drive. That alone (no matter how it's done) would help all of us immensely so BSS could read files we tell it to such as JS, CSS, PHP, Images, PDF's, whatever. To me that would be less of a risk since it's not importing files you think are not secure, while giving us the ability to use them.

I totally agree. If PHP files can be attached to the project, would make managing files much easier.

Yes being able to put all the php scripts needed for form processing and other things would be great. Being able to right click them and edit in external editor would be very helpful. Just makes things neater and easy to manage.