Imported images are flipped upside down.

Some images that I import into the design folder flip themselves upside down. I then tried saving a version of the same picture but flipped 180 degrees and when I import that flipped image, it's still upside down. Why are some images that I import, regardless of their orientation beforehand, flipped upside after importation?

Thanks for any help.

What type of images are they? Where are you getting them? Can you post a link to your website, or the images themselves?

There's nothing in the program that would cause images to invert their orientation unless this was something deliberately coded with a CSS transform.

Some images that I import into the design folder flip themselves upside down.

I'm going to take a gander that these problem pictures were take with a cell phone. EXIF data is encoded to incorporate phone position when the pictures were taken.

If you have a pc you can rotate them before uploading. I wrote software to remove EXIF from pictures, but I don't use it.

In windows simply use the picture viewer to rotate pictures. Or, there are places online to do this.

@PervasiveRichesLLC also reflex camera do that. Or that's quite a cheap phone with buggy implementation, or I never used a high res 'raw' image without first opening and modifying, cropping, optimizing and resizing in Photoshop.

If you're a total iphone fan, the you might say that my Samsung S9+ is a cheap phone :P

lol @PervasiveRichesLLC so that means I never used a 'raw' image from a camera in my design without first optimizing in photoshop. Praise to my best practices compliance!

We bought the S9+ because we have a camera, but grabbing it in time to catch a fleeting moment was impossible.

Now even low-light is not a problem, and the slo-mo is very impressive. I can set it up to trigger when there's movement in a square.

It takes 12 pics and compares the images to filter out the noise. I can take multiple shots or a video and screen capture @ 2960x1440 from that.

But, it does the EXIF thing, however, using the PC to spin the pictures and prep them for the web is fun and not a chore.

Some use Photoshop, I use Xara Web Designer Pro X16. I can make things in photos seamlessly disappear and drag-n'-drop masking etc.

Xara is 'adaptive', not 'responsive', and the company seems to think that is ok! And they are NOT mobile-first.

So, alas, with all of this technology there are new challenges. At some point we will drop all of this technology, stop spending money, and get back to life.

But for now it pays the bills, or fills a need.

Honestly, it's 3:30 in the morning! I woke up to turn on the air conditioner, as my 5 40-ish pound kiddos were panting.

I stopped by to see if anyone needed help, and to say, "hello". We're all family and thank God we all see things differently.

I like to think that with all of our knowledge and input, and our different time zones, that there isn't a problem that we can't solve in short order.

We are all as much a part of Bootstrap Studio as the devs and the software. I think it's all for a good cause, or I wouldn't be here.

But sooner or later I will have to get back to music and our studio. I had a brother-in-law pass, and it has sort of put a damper on things.

So, blessings to all of you, and it's back to sleep for now.

Right now the song "People Get Ready" springs to mind. It's a song sung by Rod Stewart and Jeff Beck. I think I'll watch it, it's been a while. Life is short!