Importing a purchased theme into Bootstrap Studio

I am new at Bootstrap Studio. I will like to now how to import a Theme into the Desktop platform so I can make changes to my purchased theme?

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Right now importing HTML is not possible - although you can easily import CSS and JS. In the next release we will add support for importing HTML by using Custom Code components. You can see what else is planned here.

Okay... I have a problem!

I purchased this program as I was under impression I'll be able to edit preexisting themes!


Looks like I'm back to Dreamweaver again... I don't have the time to create themes from the scratch, even though Studio does look to do a nice job just for that...

Oh well...

Hi, I would like to buy Bootstrap, but first I would like to know if now is it possible to import a template like Smarty and edit it.

Not possible to import and edit with drag and drop functionality

But you can import and edit the code manually as a custom code component.

Or just purchase BSS for peanuts and build your own templates ?

I managed perfectly to import a theme.

I just imported the index.html file and after that I imported all images, css and javascript files and the needed fonts from the googleapis.

Simple as that... Not possible to import them all at once but all content of one directory can be imported with multi-selecting the files.

Good Luck!

For me, it's the same - I only want to import themes to alter them. I don't want at all to create any new ones! So I bought it today, I only received from download a Version 2.4.2 and not the announced Version 2.5 and the html import does not work! So it seems to me like a total waste of time and money - since I don't understand the way the user "Bojoer" is doing it, were to set the folder structure and so on. Plus were is the Version 2.5? Sorry I just spend 3 hours with this product which for sure seems nice for creating but looks for now useless to me when it comes to editing!!

@ member Bojoer - in regards to your sucess importing a theme - kindly ask 4 some advice Need to import any idea how to manage?

2 everyone here in this forum > a great New Years Eve :)

It seems that existing themes must be imported one file/asset at a time – which makes Bootstrap Studio pretty much useless for editing purchased themes (which have 100's of files). And I can't even easily inspect the missing elements to see what I need to import.

I just purchased Studio, but will now head back to using Pingendo, which if free and handles purchased templates flawlessly, and basic editing is mush easier.

Im in the same boat, I paid for this app to do same thing need it to make changes to made themes to save time and don't have to mess with a lot of code. Not that its hard just don't feel like dealing with it and time it can take figuring it out.

Wish I found this posting before buying this, now I'm have to find some thing that will help. But now just wasted time because they didt let people know this does not let you import, witch doest make sense to me. If you find a bootstrap theme should make sense could do simple edits or even change things if wanted to.

Well, I've found the post before buying. Guys, you should take more care of your money ;)

I'm not sure if I understand it but, is this feature enable already? (To import multiple html, css & images at once?)

If not, do you have it in your roadmap?

Thanks a lot and grat job!

I need to know about this. Bss is actually fun to use,but the limitations of not been able to use a theme purchased is upsetting. One can argue for how it make you learn to code and whatnot. But that isn't the reason for my purchasing. There's a lot of learning resources out there for that sort of thing. Also I don't like the concept of losing drag and drop Functionality when I change to custom component. Might as well use notepad++.

Damn how are you not allowed to use bootstrap themes on bootstrapstudio???? what a bust

Themes available on the actual getbootstrap site are already built in, that's all basically CSS. If you want themes built by outside sources, that are not connected in any way to the getbootstrap site nor to Bootstrap Studio and hence are not automatically available. I can't imagine the thousands of themes they would be having to add to this app, nor the number or totally faulty ones we'd have to constantly be trying out to find out they suck and so on.

You cannot import themes to this app at all as a whole, only as parts of the whole and any HTML files you import are not editable with the Drag and Drop system, only with customized HTML which you would then have to edit manually which isn't a practical use of this app in any way.

Maybe someday they will take a lesson from Pinegrow and allow us to import or edit outside sites or import them fully customizable with the app features, but right now that's not an option and I'm not expecting to see that feature any time soon.

So yes, you "CAN" edit sites that are imported from external sources, but it's not suggested nor practical to do so.

Now having said that, you CAN import just the supporting files and reconstruct the HTML files yourself in the app. Seems that it would be tedious, and it might be a little bit, but it's doable and since you already have all the structure from the purchased theme it wouldn't be all that hard nor time consuming to do if you insist on using that theme and still having the BSS features available. Just another option that you can do should you want to.

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