Importing Bootstrap Theme

I have a theme from a different third party (Medium Rare) that I would like to import into BSS and edit.

The theme itself has the source files (html, css, etc) organized into a folder, and a specific structure under that folder for each of the groups of assets.

What is the best way of importing these to keep the theme functioning as intended? Should I attempt to replicate the structure in the design window and import each group of assets?


You won’t be able to import and have it work as drag and drop as it will convert to custom component if you drag a HTML page into the app.

If you really want to use your theme you can import your css and JS files as these will overwrite the BS defaults.

Then to use ‘drag and drop’ you will need to recreate your components in your theme but using the native BSS components and apply any class names manually to mirror your themes set up.

Might take some time but at least you will be able to utilise the full power of this app.

Ok thanks for the info, it wasn’t entirely clear from some of the other posts which options existed. I think I might try to convert the components from the theme that I actually use into BSS, then I can give the regular users access to change the contents.

Thanks for the info.