Importing CSS


Sorry if this has been asked multiple times, im having trouble with importing a CSS file, see the GIF below: Error loading CSS

Does anyone know the cause and a possible fix for the error?

Kind regards, Ben Mason

I would try reinstalling the software and see if that works. Also, try rebooting your computer if you haven't done that in a while, but reinstalling I would think would fix that issue.


Thank you for the reply, i have tried restarting my Mac and also removed the BSS app from my applications, downloaded the BSS App from website and moved that to my Applications but with no luck, im still getting the import error, unfortunately

I would contact support directly then and see if they can help. You'll get better access to support that way.

Have you tried importing this in a new fresh design?

If not I would try that as could your design is corrupted and if it is that you could send onto the BSS devs to look into it

This error can happen if your CSS stylesheet contains broken CSS. Try validating it here and fixing any issues:

We will improve the error message to help guide people when this happens.