Importing/Linking external CSS and JS files [added in 2.1]

Ever since we launched support for JS files, people have expressed interest in adding more and more IDE features, which I think is great! We love making improvements to the app so you can be more productive.

Here are some things that we will make to improve JS and CSS editing:

  • We will add support for importing local JS and CSS files by dragging and dropping them. This will create local copies in your design. Editing these files in Bootstrap Studio won't modify the original files on disk.
  • We will add the ability to Link to external JS/CSS files by URL. This will be handy when adding libraries from CDN.
I think that this will be a nice improvement. Also another thing that we should do is to allow JS and CSS files to be reordered. Their order affects the way these assets are included into the page, and you need control over this so that, for example, libraries are available before you use them.

Hi Martin,

This is what I’ve been waiting for! :slight_smile:

More fancy things can be done like add some animate.css. That will be wonderful.


That would be fantastic! (Sorry to clutter the discussion, there’s not vote or +1 button and wanted to express my enthusiasm.)

No worries! There are still so few people in the forum that even +1 comments are highly appreciated :slight_smile:

I would assume this is related to changing the export function to use CDN’s etc… ?
Possibly to also set the export folder tree?

@saj, when exported linked JS/CSS files will only be inserted as script/link tags in the document which point to the CDN, they won’t be written as files.

All other CSS/JS assets will still be written to disk as files, as they are now.

@martin, I was actually referring to the bootstrap.js, jquery.js and bootstrap.css. Is this not possible?

Hi Martin,
as told by email a nice feature will be the ability to link a JS file to a specific HTML file, to take advantage about page init functions that are page-specific (without need to have complex initialization functions that understand what is the page that is opening them)

This feature was released with version 2.1 of Bootstrap Studio. We also added the ability to reorder assets so you can control the order in which they are included in your page.

Great! No I can use flot library with BS :)

Hi everyone,

Here an example for my recent project (trying to copy the Google Form website) - Bootstrap Studio Batch 3 - Demo

Bootstrap Studio become more powerful! Love it!

Nicely done nasrul, although when browsing on my iPhone the screen was very jumpy when animations wanted to kick in.