Importing photoshop project to Bootstrap Studio

Hi, i was thinking about if its possible to importing a photshop project into Bootstrap Studio? If possible can someone make a Youtube Tutorial about how to do it :)


Not even sure that can be done actually, unless it's already in HTML format? I personally wouldn't even suggest importing a full project into BSS, it would pretty much be a waste of the tools of the app because you would lose all drag and drop capability and editing the code 100% would be something much easier done in a basic code /text editor instead of BSS.

There is an options in photoshop where you can export it all into HTML. I dunno if then after exporting it into an html file and then importing it into BSS?

That's what I'm talking about Tarryan. If you import a site instead of re-creating it in BSS, you will not have any drag and drop capabilities at all and will have to edit the site via the code only. This is not an optimal thing to do in BSS and basically would be wasted time to try. BSS is a great editor, but not for doing mostly code editing and that's all you could do if you import all the pages.

You would be better off exporting it as HTML and then recreating the structure in BSS page by page.

Simple answer is no you can’t

1) it won’t be bootstrap code and 2) it would be imported as custom code and you would have to manually edit the text