Importing the Material Kit Pro Bootstrap 4 theme


I have been using BS for some time. I import themes all the time but they are only CSS.

I recently purchase a the Material Kit Pro theme built in Bootstrap 4. Unfortunately importing only the CSS does not work. I need to import the material kit bootstrap js files and scrap Bootstrap.js.

Is there a way I can import and remove the existing bootstrap.js?

Thank you

BSS allows you to import js files. Just go to the Design panel (lower right) and right click the word JavaScript and choose “Import JS.”

As far as disabling the the standard Bootstrap js, I would imagine you’d have to manually delete the js file after export. I’m not experienced in the area, but BSS supports export scripts, so I would assume this could be automated.

Thank you.
That is what I was thinking. I was hoping there was a feature to disable :slight_smile: First time I have required it though :smiley: