Improve the search function in the Icons dialogue

Some of the icon libraries now have buttons to show different styles… “Regular”, “Solid”, “Outlined”, “Brands”, “Round”, etc.

Could there also be a button to show ALL the icons in a given library? Or alternately, allow us to multi-select the buttons? (ex. shift+click to activate “Regular” and “Solid” categories) This would make the search feature SOOO much more effective.

Right now, the dialogue box defaults to the first button being active so, for example, if I type “key” into the search box, in Font Awesome 5 I’ll see a keyboard icon (because the “Regular” button is selected by default,) but I won’t see the key icon. I have to remember to click the solid icon.

It’s kind of inefficient and annoying.

Yeah, good suggestion, this also happens to me. The number of times I don’t see the icon I’m searching for because I forget to change the categories!

Thank you for the suggestion! We are working on optimization improvements for the Icon dialog at the moment. If the efforts are successful we might be able to make more than one icon style active at the same time in a future update.

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