Improved image/file management

Hi BSS devs,

I am in the process of revising a design that I have and want to remove many of the images I was using within said design, but its become a laborious task, as to delete the images, i have to do this 1 by 1 as I originally saved them in the default root images folder.

My idea would be to implement a better interface for controlling files like images and other files that are imported (say CSS or JS) by having the options to delete or move multiple files (like what you guys did with pages)

I have already established that i CAN delete at folder level which is fine for now providing they are already in a folder.

be good to hear your thought Martin and others

+1 its been asked for before and hopefully we'll see this soon!

Yes fingers crossed ? as a workaround in the interim I'll just have to use better house keeping when starting new designs

I agree that file management is a pain right now. We have one idea that can improve things - multiple selections. This will work by holding shift/cmd/ctrl and clicking an item. This will behave like it does in a file manager, so you can quickly select a bunch of items. Once multiple selection is activated, you will see the options "Delete", "Move", "Copy" etc in the context menu. You won't be able to drag/drop all selected components at once, at least for now.

I like the idea of that, but I'm wondering when you say that it will behave like file manager if that means we can drag our mouse to select multiple files or will we need to click each one separately to select them? Also I would like to add that no matter how it's done it would be helpful if another color of highlight could be added so we know exactly what is highlighted. Right now the highlighting is pretty light colored and not a very easily recognizable color. It's definitely better than it was, just really light so it would be nice if something brighter or more colorful would help here.

I would also like to ask if this will pertain only to files or to files and folders? Hopefully to both so we can manipulate things easier.


Some he's good to me Martin ?

Martin, at the momemnt if i want to merge all my different stylesheets i have to copy / move each class in the style sheets 1 by 1, could you guys enable to option to copy / move all into a chosen CSS file when you look at this?

+1 to Chris's idea too. I'd like to expand that so that you can choose multiple classes to move in case you don't want to move all of them. Maybe a check box or whatever is highlighted or whatever works easiest for the devs to do, that would be an awesome help as well.

^^^^^ what jo said too ?

This is an interesting problem in terms of UX. Maybe we can have a way to select multiple css blocks in the editor. If more than 1 is selected, buttons for mass copy/move/delete can be shown on the bar (next to the Create and Search buttons).

That would be perfect!

Sounds good!