In App preview doesn't always match the browser preview

This is something also that seems to have gotten worse since the update. I've noticed many times that the preview window of the app will show something and I'll be diligently trying to fix it and end up finding out there isn't anything wrong to start with. Here's an example of a menu that shows space where there isn't any. I've only checked it on Chrome, Firefox and Safari since I'm on a Mac I can't check IE or Edge, but the anomaly isn't there in the browser previews at all in any of those browsers, only in the preview window of BSS. I had another issue with this yesterday, but I didn't get a screenshot and I can't recall what I did to fix it as it's fixed now lol.

Granted, this could still be something in the code as it was yesterday, (yesterday's anomaly was fine in the browser too, but not in the app. I changed a setting to fix something else in the menu and it somehow fixed that anomaly in the BSS preview too, I just don't recall what it was lol. I "think" it was setting the menu to width of 100% and before that it only showed it at like 75% width in the window, but it was 100% and working as it should in the browser previews. I "think" that's what it was.

Anyways here's a couple screenshots to show you what I mean. First one shows there is space in it, this is in the BSS app. Second one shows what is in the Browser preview which shows it is displaying correctly:

Could it be the browser that the app is using to display? If so, which browser is that so I can test it on that browser as well. If it's IE or Edge, can this be changed for Mac users?

Thank you for reporting this! In some cases differences can result in the built-in preview in Bootstrap Studio. We will be rewriting this part of the app after we ship Bootstrap 4 support, so hopefully this won't be an issue for much longer.

For now the best way to be assured that everything works is to test in the browser every once in a while.

Thanks, good to hear that it's getting worked on, and yep I almost always have a browser preview open due to these little things. :)