Incorrect Domain on a 2nd website using a copy of the same template

I have created two websites, different domains using the same template. For some reason i can’t stop the twitter:card, image content and application/ld+json from pointing to ‘StoreTech’ rather than ‘Flexicount’. Am i doing something wrong.

everything looks to have the correct path in the application just not when i open it in NotePad.

If the second website was made by duplicating the bsdesign file in your file manager, the export settings are shared. You can read a solution here.

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Many thanks for this. Yeah I actually ended up going back to the theme i used. Saving one page of it and then copying the pages and everything across to the new saved site. But good to know that way of doing it. many thanks.

Do not duplicate a projetc. Use “Save As”.

Thank you. Got it. Will do that in future.