Incorrect Script Source to Parent Directory

I have a rather large project and it contains some JavaScript files that I'm referencing. However, if I create a folder within my HTML pages, whenever I view the source during debug the script tag references the source as if the page is not included in a folder. For example, assuming that I have the following directory:


The auto-generated code for the script tag of the sub-folder/sub-index.html file is:

<script src="/js/my-javascript.js"></script>

When instead it should include the ../ to reference the parent directory as such:

<script src="../js/my-javascript.js"></script>

Does it work correctly after exporting? The paths used in Preview don't reflect your real directory structure that you'll get in your actual site, and shouldn't be relied upon.

I'm referring to both the published website and the files included in the export folder.

Sorry for the delay! If possible, can you send us a bsdesign file that demonstrates the issue? It will help a lot in debugging this. You can see our email address on our Contact Us page.