Increase Button for "save as" or backup file automatic


When I work for hours on one design, and when I am ready the power cuts... my hours are gone. My hole work can be destroyed.

To work against this, I make alway a "save as" after some big changes in the design. So my file gets an number at the end: "Design_A_01.bsdesign" "Design_A_02.bsdesign" "Design_A_03.bsdesign"...

So if something happend... I always have a quick backup.

To get this saving process a bit faster, I'd like to have a litte "+" next to the "save" button, that automatically increases a number at the end of the filename.


Hi Frank.

As I also make Copys of the hole Project as Backups when big Steps are achieved, and now read your ideas i prepared a workaround.

As this is interesting 4 all i will publish in Help and How To

> Help and How To - Article

Appending a string to file names via things like "date / time / incrementing numerical references" are all pretty rudimentary and should be an easy implementation in Bootstrap Studio for the developers. The only factor is deciding how to properly add it in the workflow and from a UI standpoint that would make sense to users.

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Auto Save has been previously mentioned a few times on the forum:


... and the below two threads.

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In this thread @martin mentioned the following

It’ll be nice to add autosaving to some temp folder, to prevent loosing files.

I agree, this is an important feature to have. I hope that we can work on this very soon.

That comment by @martin was March 1st 2016, regardless of timespan it seems overdue to offer as a feature and remains "an important feature".

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The following comment by Martin was posted on October 17 2016 with a more thought out possible approach.

Maybe instead of an incremental save, Bootstrap Studio should automatically save revisions of the design. Say once every 10 minutes. We can make this configurable from the settings panel. The question is where these revisions should be saved and how long should they be kept. How about this scheme:

• Save a version every 10 minutes. The last 6 of these will be kept, the others deleted.

• Save a version every hour. The last 6 of these will be kept, the others deleted.

• Save a version every day. The last 3 of these will be kept, the others deleted.

A total of 15 versions will be kept. You will be able to restore your design to any one of these points. You will also be able to open them in a new tab to compare them with the current design. What do you think about this idea?

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So it seems to have been considered --- but so far nothing has came of it ? :-(

increment on save via button would be the easiest way.

every user can make his own backup as often as he wants.

And it on the user to delete backupfiles when they are not needed anymore.

I don't want any program that handles my backups.

That's the thing about software development - you have to take into account a mass number of users and how they may interact with or use the app and its features. Of course you cant appease everyone, nor will everyone need or utilize every feature.

  • every user can make his own backup as often as he wants
  • I don’t want any program that handles my backups

Obviously if it's left on the user, they could manage such a workflow already with the current save button and manual interaction. But a more automated fail safe approach is obviously desired and thus the discussions in those linked threads.


I personally don’t see the “need” for this feature. It’s just as simple to hit the File menu and hit the Save As there and alter my number in the file name to save. I typically do this either every few days or when I am about to make large amounts of edits to a project. Between those times ... Ctrl + S is your best friend. Doing that would be a much more beneficial action for your to do than constantly altering the file number.

Having said that, I “would” use the feature if it was added, just saying I don’t “need” it.

A quick update on this - autosave is indeed an important feature and we'd like to add it to the application. There were a lot of feature requests since the original comment that I wrote, and we've worked on a lot of new functionality, which took priority.

We will be adding autosave in one of the 4.X releases. Right before we start working on it, we will open a forum thread to collect feedback.