Input text in Custom Options

An interesting feature would be the possibility of having a text input field in the custom options, in addition to the dropdown and toggle.

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There is already text input as well as all the other form options

I’m digging this out again because I could use it myself. @richards has unfortunately misunderstood. It’s about the possibility to add “Custom Options” to an element to create either classes or attributes.


Possible values currently have to be defined beforehand and can then be used either as a toggle switch or as a dropdown list.

There are a number of use cases where a text field would be the better solution because the input value is not known beforehand. Look at the example above. It would be great if you could change the text in the panel right away. This would greatly simplify the creation of custom components.

Therefore again the question to the developers, whether it would be conceivable to use beside the switch and the selection list also a text field?

Thank you for the suggestion! I see how text options can be useful. We will add it in our next updates.

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I already talked about it like a week ago, this is great that Martin replied that they will add it, its gonna change everything now cause I wanted to make interesting custom components, but this limitation of toggle and select were limiting my ideas, cant wait to see the upcoming update with it

That was fast! Thank you @martin

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