Insert Emoji Option

Hi Everyone,

First of all, I am one of the first Bootstrap Studio (BS) user since 2017. I love the app so much and a big thanks to all the creators.

Now I have a suggestion that there be an insert emoji option. I know this might seem like a lot but it would kind of make things convenient.

Maybe incorporated with the insert symbol option or insert icon option menus.

I get my emojies into the BS app by just copy pasting it from this site: (Emoji Chart - Full List from Emoji v3.0) at this time.

Thanks all and your feedback is appreciated.


Thank you for the suggestion! I think we can add Emoji to the Char Input dialog. It has only a limited set of frequently used symbols right now and has been due for an overhaul for a while. We could also add a menu entry for this dialog to the context menu when editing text so it is easier to find.


Would love to hear others’ feedback regarding this idea.


This would be a great idea to add to Bootstrap Studio!

Maybe add a “Recently used”, “Character Input” and “Emoji” tab to the Char Input Dialog, which would be the better option, so you can still separate the Emojis and the special characters. Maybe add an option to star emojis or characters that the user would like to use more often?

Also, if you’re on Windows 10 or 11, you can press Win Key + Period to bring up the Emoji Panel, which has helped me a lot when on Discord or Forums. :sunglasses:

On MacOS, you have to go through System Settings and change what the FN Key does, which you can set to Emoji & Symbols.