Insert or Enter Text in div

After inserting a div how do you enter text in the div?

By dragging in a paragraph, heading or something similar.

I just want to type text between the div.

Convert div to custom code then :+1:

I was able to enter text in span before I just forgot how I did it.

For your Span you can drag that into anything, even inside paragraphs, links etc (well I think links, never did try that lol). Then double click the text that it automatically adds and change it to what you want.

In the attributes area at the bottom, give your span a class and then create the class in your custom style window, or you can just adjust it using the Options pane. Lots of ways to do it. Be sure to create a custom CSS page, and be sure to choose that when you are editing via the Options pane so everything doesn’t end up Inline styles.

Yep, this isn’t a text editor, it’s a web editor and in that case quite a few have the same setup to double click a paragraph to edit it, or drag on in. You can also easily just duplicate a paragraph if there’s one on the page already and put it where you want it or just edit it where it is. It’s not that hard, pretty easy actually.

There’s also a nice search feature within the components area so you don’t have to go through the list to always find what you want if you’re already familiar with web design and/or Bootstrap.

The system works.

I agree with you though, I wish we could edit the text by just clicking into the html box (not double clicking) like you would a normal text editor.

Just saying that it’s not usually like that in many drag and drop web editors. Work with it for a while and you’ll see it’s not all that hard to get used to and the time you save with the drag and drop components will more than make up for what you’ve lost in text editing.

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