Install/Uninstall of "online" components

Sure would be nice if the installation of a component from the Online tab would immediately import the accompanying CSS/JS/etc files rather than wait until the component is dragged onto the Stage. That way you could immediately see what the complete impact/load is of installing the the component.

BTW, I trust that BSS guards against identically named files downloaded as part of an "online" component from overriding files already part of the design. That is, don't replace my "gadget.css" with another "gadget.css" without asking my permission.

It would also be nice if when uninstalling an "online" component, BSS would also completely remove those CSS/JS/etc files that were introduced when the component was installed -- not just from the .bsdesign but from the directory to which they may have been exported.

I guess another way to help the decision to install (or not install) would be to display the names & sizes of the files that are part of the component in the thumbnail that pops up when you hover over the component's name in the list.

I only agree with the uninstall and that it should remove all files from all parts of BSS, but I don't see how they would maintain your export directory, nor would I want it to. What if you don't want it to remove that directory? Maybe you want to keep it for further use or for checking something out etc. I think that it's fine as it is other than that when a component is uninstalled, they do not always remove the files from the directories within BSS and they should always do so. I've had to clean up files many times that components imported in, after I already deleted the components themselves from the project. Hitting Undo is the way it should always work, but it doesn't always clean up well behind itself.

As for Installing the files when you install the components into your BSS library ... umm .... hell no! I don't need all that garbage cluttering up my files for my projects. They don't need to be there unless I actually use them, so why would you want that? The files are all installed into your BSS system, just not into the project unless you use the component. I definitely don't want to see it installing them when i am not even using the component.