Installing on Linux/Chrome OS

Hi everyone! Just installed this product on Linux/Chrome OS.

Since Chrome OS version 69 (Stable) it is possible to run linux within Chrome OS. Works pretty well for me!

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So if anyone wonder how to do it, here is the steps :

1 - Download the Linux Edition of Bootstrap Studio.

2- Choose the DEB package since Chrome OS can use it.

3- Get the file into your "Linux Files" folder.

4- Right click the file from the files manager. Choose "Install with Linux".

5- Let it proceed.

6- Once finished, you should have a shortcut inside your launcher.

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If nothing launch when you use the shortcut, you probably need to install "libnss3" package.

Open the terminal and type "sudo apt install libnss3" and proceed.

This should fix it. You can confirm the error while trying to launch the app from terminal.

Type "/opt/bootstrapstudio/Bootstrap/Studio"

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Hope it helps!

Have a nice day!

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I thought this might work too. Just did it today and it worked perfectly. I haven't played around with it much, but so far so good!!!

I wasn’t able to choose a deb package, all I got was a AppImage

I checked that libnss3 is already the newest version. But I am getting
Failed to load module “atk-bridge”
(electron) ipc module is deprecated. Use require(“electron”).ipcMain instead.

(Bootstrap Studio:7975): Pango-ERROR **: 20:28:06.621: Harfbuzz version too old (1.0.5)

You all may want to contact the BSS devs directly on this as it doesn’t seem to be getting any love in here. Use the Contact link in the top right menu and send a message to them and hopefully they will get you the help you need to make it work for you.

I was able to get running on ChromeOS using the linux route and using the AppImage…

I first installed the last .deb version of the app from Download Bootstrap Studio - that runs fine.

I then run the latest AppImage using these instructions: How to Install AppImage Programs on Chromebook in 2020 | Beebom and the thing runs.

I’m guessing the .deb added some dependencies that are missing and that the .AppImage requires.

Hope this helps someone!