Integrate Mailchimp to the Forms

Mailchimp allows you to host your own form:

You just have to make sure you submit the correct values to the page that processes new subscribers. However the page is not even redirecting because of the recaptcha. I have followed their instructions and named my fields correctly, however, I'm hitting a brick wall.

Anybody wanna help with this?

You're going to need to provide a link to the website page you're having issues with if you want more help. There's no way anyone can tell what is wrong by just a description of an issue. People here will need to see the page and the code (which can be viewed from the page).

If you read the article and is using Bootstrap Studio to create forms, you'll get what I mean. I don't need to provide the link I'm working on.

In Bootstrap Studio, the forms you create allow you to give the fields "Names". And also to create hidden inputs.

The article instructed that you have to use the specific field "Name" defined on your Mailchimp account. You need to do this to make sure the correct field entries get sent to Mailchimp.

However, as I described earlier. The form doesn't allow you to go the URL defined in the "Action" field where the entries can be submitted.

If you create the two hidden fields, "u" and "id" with the corresponding values and add them to the form, the Submit button won't even let you do anything. If you remove the hidden input fields. It will just prompt the reCaptcha validation then nothing else.

I want to get over the reCaptcha and submit the information to the action URL defined in the form options.

I can follow the instructions manually, using the Custom Code element. I was successful in connecting the form to the action URL.

But if Bootstrap could allow us to bypass the reCaptcha and let us use the action URL to process the information, it would be really great.

P.S. I don't want to use Mailchimp's form embed code as I don't want to load unnecessary scripts.

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Hello my name is Alan Lucena, I speak from Brazil and I would like to know if how you did it is it possible to redirect me to something that helped you or teach me yourself please!