Integration of holder.js

The "holder.js" is commonly used even by the developers of Bootstrap themselves, so I think it would be nice if it was integrated into the BSS and used for default image placeholders.


So how do I add a simple placeholder svg into my img tag. I mean what is your work procedure for this when working projects ?

if you want to use a generic place holder image you can do so by using this website's setup:

You just put the link they give you, in whatever variation you want to use, right into the IMG input box and it will give you an automatic placeholder image as you have set it up. Has capabilities for color, text, etc. Pretty nice little tool and I would surely LOVE to see this integrated into BSS myself too!

Thanks for the link Jo ! Those websites are great for sizing images with a text description and then check what loads at different breakpoints. I bookmarked it.

I was able to also create a 1x1 svg grey image with text and then created a component so I can use it also in other projects. I was having a hard time seeing the wireframe in my design process for the image. I want to also try out the holder.js but have not even scratched at loading any of my jquery plugins yet. The placeholder link may be a better way to go though (quicker) if I save that as a I have to transfer the css to the main style sheet fot the svg.

You don't need to add any plugins to make that link from placeholder work at all, just pop the link in the image tag and it just works. Really no need for the holder.js in all fairness to the app, but ... lots of people don't know that site is there to use (as you didn't) and if it were built into the app instead that would be a lot more helpful.

I've been using for some time now, it's a good tool. The problem is that it makes a request for each image and that slows things down quite a bit if you have lots of images in the design. So I would still like to see a tool in the spirit of holder.js.

Ok I'll bite again haha. Can you tell me more about what this holder.js is about then? I had assumed it was about using the site, but I believe I was mistaken there. Either one would be beneficial for me. The number of requests on the images is irrelevant to my usage since those images are only for showing place holders of where a normal image would go for clients to view structure or for me to just have the structure in place so that part doesn't matter to me. But if it were something more easily used than the placeholder site is that would be nice indeed!