Integration with Twig


Have you thought of integrating with Twig, it’s a template engine for PHP.

Thank you for starting this thread! We don't support PHP in Bootstrap Studio, as the app is focused on building your frontend. For PHP (and Twig, Smarty, Blade and other template engines), it is best to use a full blown IDE where you have refactoring, autocomplete, debuggers, etc. You can use Bootstrap Studio as the first step of your development process - design in the app, export, and continue editing your code in your IDE.

Thanks for responding. Can you open the raw Twig file in Bootstrap Studio and only change the Bootstrap portion of the twig file, it must ignore the twig code A Twig file may include extending to other twig files, but im happy to work with only that portion thats in the one twig file.

If it can do this, I will be ecstatic

What extension does a twig file have?

If it's .php then no, but you could include your code in a custom code component then after export, change the extension for your files before uploading to a server to .php

But Martin summarised what I think would be best for you to do as using custom code means you can't use drag and drop.

Hi Chris,

Twig files is not php files, its a template engine mainly consist of html and twig code. It's purpose, screen output, no php code in a twig file Twig logic is encapsulated in {{ }} or {% %}, if you exclude this then its pure html

all i ask is to think about it, im very happy to do the twig coding {{ }} {% %} inside netbeans, and the HTML Bootstrap inside BSS.

As you can probably guess, I've not used this before but you could always try inserting a custom code component but none of your php will function

Do you know if BSS have a 30 day trail version, I have tried the Web version. not allowing imports.

Not that I'm aware of but it is very cheap and powerful