Intellisense for SCSS

It would be a welcome addition to have Intellisense in SCSS as well.

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Theres a reason why theres external editor support.

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Theres a reason why I requested it as well. I know it has external editor support. However, having the ability to have intellisense available to users within the application would save a step, which saves time—something I and many other care about. It is already available in CSS stylesheets, why not SCSS stylesheets? It doesn’t seem that big of an ask.

Thank you for the suggestion! This would be a useful to have. However we would like to see more demand for this before committing to it, since it is a lot of work that will take our time away from other features.

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Thank you for your response, Martin. I appreciate the application very much. I am still curious though, would it be that much of a procedure to include an option that already exists in the framework? I am not being facetious, I would truly like to understand the degree of difficulty it would take to implement it.

(addendum) I missed you saying it is a lot of work. If you care respond anyway, you would have my thanks. If not, I’ll live. :slight_smile:

Although it does sound like an intriging idea, I personally would think that most people are using an external editor such as VS Code which has an extension for SCSS Intellisense. I very seldom edit my css or scss within the app anymore as it’s so much more powerful to use VS Code and easier to manage as well.

So for me this idea is cool, but not necessary at this time and I’d rather the time be spent on things that we really need within the app. :slight_smile: