Invite function

This software very helpfull for creating site but only one problem i can’t give software permission with team please update ,
If I have to give the software to my team then I have to get a new license , i wish software have invite function , in which I can also give to my team
sorry my english weak

At the small cost of this software, I personally would not want to see them waste time on team setups until all the core workings have been installed and working properly first.

The cost is so low right now and has been for years, I would suggest you just buy it for your team members. I don’t know any other web building software “THIS GOOD” lol, that is this low in price. Usually team slots cost about what this one costs for a single license.

Also, do keep in mind that team work has not been developed in this software. The only real way to share with a team is to put the projects in a Cloud based location so you can all have access. BUT … that is all it does. It does not have any settings for accessing the projects or checking them out etc. That’s something you will have to work out with your team.