Is Bootstrap Studio Low Code or No Code?

Can Bootstrap Studio be used without touching the code (HTML, CSS, Javascript) like Webflow? Is this more of a low code tool than a no code tool (Webflow is No Code)?

My main web design tool is Webflow & I love everything about it except the price. It gives me a truly no code experience when I work with it. I love Bootstrap Studio mainly for the price. I created some projects with it & found out that you have to write code at some point. The tutorial videos too point this out. Can we truly use Bootstrap Studio as a No Code web design & development tool?

Bootstrap Studio is more of a "low to medium" code based app. You won't be able to use this if you don't have any experience with code at all, sorry.

I guess it could be laid out explicitly in a single sentence on the product splash page (IF you know what that is?).

If you're a complete beginner in website development you'd be immediately thrown off and "forced" (very much need) to check out the meaning of some terms upon seeing that splash page, things like "Bootstrap framework" - what's that?, what are its advantages and disadvantages compared to other "frameworks"?

and here we're needing to stress its "frontend" -- front end -- frameworks we're talking about (something not immediately obvious from this article title "My top 6 open source frameworks for web development"

and one of the potential disadvantages of Bootstrap is its vulnerability to producing "cookie cutter"-style websites -- very similar websites for vastly different products --

unless one custom codes CSS files and constituent components. So then you realize that its "low to medium" coding requirement is really a strength compared to some other products that are "no code" -- so this strength is even implicit in the product's name.

While Bootstrap Studio's visual tools allow you to avoid a great deal of coding (basically all of HTML and a good deal of CSS) if you want to design a website that looks/feels anything outside the norm of Bootstrap, you really kinda need to learn at minimum how to write CSS rules. But seriously, if you're designing websites for a living (or plan to), you really should take the plunge and learn HTML and CSS. They're really not that hard.

You don't need to be an expert at CSS to use BSS, but knowing how classes, IDs, rules, specificity, and the cascade work is a huge advantage. CSS is not a difficult thing to learn, and there are tons of resources that make it easy to look up Bootstrap's many helper classes, and basic CSS rules. I've been coding for 10 years and I still refer to "cheat sheets" at times for things I don't use often.

Thanks for the replies.