Is Google Fonts' CDN mandatory?

I'd like to use some normally freely available on Google Fonts but my reverse proxy is set to inject CSP headers blocking external requests prevent rogue scripts and people thinking I'm doing analytics or anything like that. Can Bootstrap Studio store the fonts within the site's assets to serve them directly?--Automatically, I mean, not importing them manually.

I've had Bootstrap Studio for years now and I finally get to publish something with it…provided this works. :)


If you can upload the font to a folder on your server, I don't see why not. It would just be a matter of pointing to the URL using <link> or @import

Of course, you still need to obtain the actual Google font files, but that's probably not too hard.

Yeah, true, no big deal. But, haven't you had that restlessness when you can't decide between one thing or another? Suddenly chasing a font, downloading it and locating it in that mess we secretly keep (AKA the Downloads folder) getting it to the converter app or web app, download, decompress, more junk files BTW and adding it to your site only to test it out, it now gets old real quick.

Some of these constraints is why I hadn't build things on Bootstrap Studio yet, today I only wanted to build informational singlepagers, like 400s, 500s, very basic stuff but adding dynamic height was impossible and now I have to deal with the fonts too. :( Maybe next year it gets more design, less code, quit Electron maybe. I'll just use Adobe Muse or something fast like Jekyll/Hugo for now.

I appreciate your help, nonetheless. Thanks!

Adobe Muse!?! It's been discontinued for (I believe) over a year now, and produced some of the worst, non-semantic code of any website builder in history.

I have never stressed over something as trivial as website fonts. The number of popular fonts that are widely regarded as good, clean, readable, friendly and pleasing to visitors, that have many weights and italic versions are relatively few, and at this point, pretty well known (Roboto, Lato, Open Sans, Lora, Oswald, etc.) If I'm really on the fence over which font to use for a client, I'll screen grab the layout, drop it into Photoshop, and experiment there.

I'm not into cutting edge web design. My sites are pretty much all "function before form" because the clients just want them to generate leads, so readability, scalability, sufficient weights, those are my priorities.