Is it possible to ad an lightbox Gallery into an modal?

Hi Boys and Girls,

So i was wondering if it is possible to have an lightbox gallery in an modal dialog? I want to acomplish the following: Have 6 different pictures (cols) and when i click on them i want to open a modal dialog, which already works and in that dialog i want to display a lightbox. But as of now i can't drag it in, no matter what i add (Container, Div, Container => Row => Col => Div)

I would really appreciate your help

You can't drag the Lightbox component into any other component because it was created as a BSS BLOCK. This is a special BSS component that can only be placed in the body of a page.

The trick is to place the Lightbox Block component on the page, expand the block, and then drag the container outside of it, and place it into whatever other component you want, like a modal.

I've taken the liberty of creating the exact component you described in your post, and added it to the BBS online library. Simply search for "Ultimate Modal Lightbox" and you will have what you need. I used generic placeholder images in the columns. Replace them as you see fit.

Wow awesome, thats exactly what i needed :) Thank you very much