Is it possible to add an icon in a button?


Instead of text, I would like to add an icon <i> instead of text in a button. I have not found how to achieve that, is it a Bootstrap Studio limitation?


Drag the icon from the Components list into the button in the preview window or the Overview tree.

You truly do need to stop looking at this as a "html editor" type program as it's not HTML edit friendly. It is however a very powerful web designer that creates very clean code. Most everything you need is either in the Components list, in the Online Components which you can download and check out, or can be created using either the component parts in the Components list or using a Custom Code block.

Interesting, I am sure I tried the drag and drop and it did not work thus why I ask... but indeed it does seem to work.

No worries, sometimes it's just touchy and may not have liked the spot you were originally trying to drag it to :P