Is it possible to convert Bootstrap 3 to 5?

I will explain better!
A client asked me to make a site made in Bootstrap 3 responsive for several screens, but in addition to the site having a forum, blog, it is also not responsive, the site is the one in the link below.

I would also like an idea of ​​the amount to be charged for this service.

Bizarre site. It’s loading bootstrap.min.css file, but not using any of Bootstrap’s responsiveness. It’s all divs and static positioning. If you did convert this with the HTML to Bootstrap tool, you’d just end up with a non-responsive site in Bootstrap 5.

Looks to me like it needs to be completely rebuilt from scratch. And since they have forums, user accounts, etc, you’ll need more than just Bootstrap Studio to do this job.

Personally, I have no idea what you should charge because I wouldn’t take a job like this.

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The site was created with Bootstrap 3.1.1 more than 10 years ago, I told the client everything you mentioned above, I only get the service if he sends me all the site files for testing the Scripts. Thank you for your help.

I opened it in Pinegrow and disabled the bootstrap.min.css file, and hardly anything changed. Just a few spacing adjustments and fonts sizes.

The majority of styling is coming from the custom.css file. It may be loading Bootstrap 3, but it’s hardly using any of the Bootstrap CSS. It’s also loading animate.css even though I see no animations, and it’s using this library

This site is like a hodgepodge of different technologies.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Exactly, the site is horrible, crap.

Convert it to 4 and then to 5 and you’ll see better how well it converts. I just gave up and redid them from scratch because the mobile first wasn’t set in 3 so it really screwed things up.

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I think the best thing to do is research the forum software that it uses, see if there are any updates with bootstrap 5 themes. That could save your hours of time.

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Ohhh @richards has a really good point there. If it was a stock theme it may have an updated version that you can use to pop all the data into rather than going from scratch.

My bad on my comment too as I read your post wrong and thought it was a BSS project, but doesn’t sound like it is so the conversion might be a lot more work than needed. Might be a lot better off going with either a default BSS theme and adjust it, or from scratch in BSS if you can’t find an updated version of the theme it’s using.

I’m going to guess that it probably won’t have an updated theme available since @printninja says it’s not using much Bootstrap styling and if it were a true Bootstrap theme, it would be using a lot of it.