Is it possible to download the upload site files on cloud?

I have this nice project, so a have upload it to show friends, but my HD died, I lost all my files, But the site still on ar on bs cloud...

is it possible to be downloaded?


no, at least not the .bssdesign. Reload from backup.

Or rebuild the site using images, html and css you can get from the actual hosting.

You can always pull the site down using a website copying tool like WinHTTrack, but this will just get you a copy of the site, not the .bsdesign file that contains your website in a format the Bootstrap Studio can read.

Are you certain your Hard drive is totally shot? If it still spins you might be able to recover files off it, or even send it out to drivesavers They can be pricey however, but they do a free evaluation and free shipping, so you have nothing to lose letting them look at it.

(Pro-tip: set your Bootstrap Studio backup folder location to someplace other the drive where you store your BSS website files, like a different hard drive, external drive or thumb drive.)

Ty alot guys, sadly ill have to build everything from scratch again :/

Ty for the pro tip, Print ninja!

u guys have a nice week!

Hope it's not a super heavy site that you need to rebuild. Unfortunately, no matter whether or not you could get the site from the server (which you can via a few different download tools similar to what Printninja mentioned), you would still have to rebuild it from scratch if you wanted to maintain it in BSS.

You won't have to do so at all though if you were planning to edit the site in another app after you exported it. Just use those tools for downloading the site and you would be all set to go. No need to rebuild it unless you wanted to keep changing it or maintain it within BSS.