Is it possible to Link Github through the Bootstrap studio IDE

Hello, I hope all of you guys are doing well; I just have a quick question; does Bootstrap Studio offer GitHub integration with its IDE? Thank you so much!

I wish it did. For a new project, the workaround is to

  1. Create a new repo in Github and initialize it.
  2. Clone the repo to your local drive.
  3. Do your website development work in Bootstrap Studio.
  4. Export to the local drive repo directory. In the export settings, call a script that runs the necessary commands to add/commit your changes locally, followed by a push to the github repo.

I use this script:


cd $1
git add -A
git commit -m "Website update."
git push origin main

Name it and make sure it’s executable!

Bootstrap studio will report an error. Check the error log and just make sure that it ran successfully.

Buddy, why so dumb overenginnering if you can setup export folder with github desktop and it will detect changes easily, then you can commit your changes normally, not with random commit name and desc.