Is it possible to paste table entities?

A customer has a a number of pricing tables that I need to publish (about 1200 rows spread over ~15 tables.

I have the raw data, and can format it in any way necessary, but I can't see any way to paste or import the information into BSS 4.1.7. I'd prefer to edit the page in BSS, but will post-process it in another editor if I must.

I'm just wondering whether I'm missing something, or is pasting an entity just not supported by BSS? What exactly can you paste, just text?

There is a component called "Custom Code". You can drag/drop that into your design and then double click on the wording Custom Code in the Live View pane which will open up the Custom Code editor (bottom/middle/right). Just highlight everything in there and copy/paste your table(s) in there.

Personally I'd do that so I can design how it's all going to look. Then in post production, I'd use a script to dynamically build the table(s) so all I need to do is update the script or if the script is querying a database, just update the database then.