Is it possible to put comments on CSS files?

I was wondering if its possible to put comments on CSS files straight from Bootstrap studio? Or someway to convert the CSS menu code to a full text editor similar to how components can be converted to HTML then edit it? I noticed I have to export the file, then modify the CSS after if I want to put in comments, the problem with this is if I update the file and re-export, ill have to type out the comments back in.

Yeah, comments are really needed for both HTML and CSS and I'm sure JS too for that matter. Right now though, there isn't any way to d this at all in BSS for the CSS.

Darn, well that's a bummer, but its ok I guess.

Is this still not possible???

Nope, still not possible :(

Please add that feature. This is a very basic practice for every who makes websites. Otherwise the css-files get very cluttered.

thank you. tenzin