Is there a crop tool? How best to equalize image height?

Images are all the same height in Photoshop; different widths. This is how they render in Bootstrap Studio. I want the same height for all of them. The one that's different, the center image, is the longest width, but all three original uploaded image files are exactly 4000px in height.

Of course, changing the height setting of the images adjusts it accordingly, but "squishes" the image.

Is there a crop tool inside Bootstrap Studio that I'm not seeing? Something that will let me specify which portion of the image will show so I can avoid the squishing? If not, how can I best make sure all three images are the same height when rendered?


enter image description here

Edit the images in photo shop to be same width and height - that way problem solved and don’t need to faff about trying to fix in the app.

It’s the easiest solution to your predicament

It's the "only" solution without using some super script to do it for you and you won't see that in BSS. When you use images, you always need to make the the exact width and height you want them to be and sometimes multiples for various screen sizes if the image is really large to start with.