Is there a group/list of Bootstrap Studio 'experts' available for work?

I’m doing my first project in bootstrap studio and would like to hire someone for a few hours to walk me through a few things?


Hi Cameron. I wouldn’t class myself as an “expert” but I know my way around Bootstrap Studio. If you need help I don’t mind helping you for free. What would you like to know? Ask away and I’m sure plenty others will help too.

First thing to suggest would be to go through the tutorials so you get an idea of the basics of the app. A few have changed since the videos (unless they have updated them which I haven’t heard they have yet). Go through the FAQ as well since there are some good questions and information there as well.

From there that is where I would suggest looking for assistance as many of us here can help with getting around the app. Good luck and have fun with training, I know the tutorials do cover quite a bit of information on the app.

Although I do not teach web design formally, I will be glad to help you out with specific questions or help putting together a website with BSS (short for Bootstrap Studio.) Why pay for something the community here will probably provide you for free?

My starting advice would this… before you settle on the idea of needing to hire someone, just open the program on your computer, and then, if you have a second monitor (ideal) or a phone/tablet, open one of the tutorial videos on building a website (I think the Tesla website one is pretty good.) Simply follow along, step-by-step, and do exactly what they do in the video in your own BSS Studio program, pausing when necessary, and build a copy of the tutorial site right alongside the one they build in the video.

This was the first thing I did after I bought the program, and found it immensely helpful in terms of understanding the basic BSS user interface, and how to accomplish different things I was accustomed to doing in a much different way in the old, non-responsive website builder I had used prior to buying BSS.

One thing I will tell you is this (and it makes no difference whether you take a paid class in real life, hire someone here to tutor you, or do a paid Udemy, or free W3Schools tutorial.) You NEED to learn CSS if you want to really be able to take full advantage of Bootstrap Studio’s capabilities. You can do a lot with the visual interface tools, but understanding the concept of how CSS classes, rules, IDs, pseudo-classes, variables, and the cascade in general, work, is crucial to being able to build websites correctly.

The BSS program does all the heavy-lifting as far as HTML is concerned with the component library, but half of the creation of any website is the styling, and that means CSS. And CSS is not a hard language to learn. It’s not like a programming language where you need to understand functions and logic. CSS is really just a bunch of rules that apply different visual styles to page elements, and enable you to position those elements in the places and manner that you want. (Still, CSS is quite powerful, and I’ve seen some people do some pretty amazing things with it.)

Going hand-in-hand with CSS are Bootstrap utility (or “helper”) classes. These are basically CSS rules that have been shortened into very brief, easy to remember terms like, for example, “p-3” (which is shorthand for the CSS code “padding: 1rem;” (padding is a means of adding space around an element, like a paragraph of text or an image.) Helper classes save tons of time, and are one of the main benefits of using a framework like Bootstrap. It pays to memorize the most common/frequently used utility classes, because they can greated cut the time it takes to build a page. There are numerous websites that feature “cheat sheets” for Bootstrap utility classes like this one…

Lastly, I would recommend reading up on Bootstrap itself on the official Bootstrap website…

Much of the stuff on this page you can ignore (like having to download and install Bootstrap itself, since it’s already built-into Bootstrap Studio. But everything in the sections from Layout on I would consider mandatory reading.

Another good resource for beginners is the Bootstrap Tutorials on W3Schools, which you can find here…
This is a less formal, and more instructional site than the official Bootstrap website, and some people find it easier to start with the tutorials on W3Schools before doing anything else. I’ve been building website for 12 years, and I still jump over to W3Schools from time-to-time to refresh my memory on stuff I don’t use very often.