Is there a template for a discussion forum such as this one?

Hello there!

I wanted to try to use BSS to create a template for a discussion forum, and this forum is kind of what I’m looking for; Discourse-y and darkmode. The templates found on the new site tab doesn’t seem to have anything in the way of discussion so I thought I would ask. Are there any other templates I could browse through to use or am I on my own with getting started?

Thanks for your time!

There isn’t a standard one built into bss, but it is quite easy to knock something up from a design perspective. Not sure how easy it would be to incorporate into discourse

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Hi there and thanks very much for the reply! This isn’t actually going into a Discourse install, that’s just the look I’m going for in the discussion system I’m writing.

Your example is exactly what I’m hoping to do, just in a darkmode style. I’ve only ever written sites in a text editor, this is my first attempt in software like BSS. I’m sorry for what’s probably a very stupid question but did you just start with the blank template and go from there?

Not a stupid question at all :slight_smile:

Yes, it was a blank template, the only custom css (apart from the dark theme switch) is a bit of padding on the td and white border on the image

td {
  padding: 1rem!important;

.rounded-circle {
  border: 2px solid whitesmoke;

The rest is just standard bootstrap classes

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