Is there a way to add a Typeahead

I'm new to Bootstrap and BSS and just wondering if there's a simple way to add a typeahead to an input field like these:!#typeahead

I don't see why you couldn't use the first typeahead link since it's a jQuery plugin and Bootstrap uses jQuery. Having said that, you have to realize that the app does not run JS code with in it's self. To check that your JS code works, you have to use the Preview button to enable Previewing in your web browser.

However, I'm not sure about the second link since it's Angular based JavaScript framework. I would think you could build the site then export to edit the code to strip out the jQuery and Bootstrap JavaScript script sources and replace them with the Angular JavaScript and it's dependecies. Just not sure how that will all work out though.


Thanks for the info Saj. I'm new to this so I was hoping there might be something built into BSS that I was simply missing. I'll have a look into the options you provided.