Is there a way to do a "pop up video" in Bootstrap Studio (example included)

I like the way these folks display their embedded videos. If you scroll down close to the bottom, they have three little video thumbnails ("Speed Test", "Workflow Tips", "Importing Best Shots").

Link here ...

You click on the thumbnail and the embedded YouTube video takes over the browser like a modal dialog.

Is there an easy way to do this kind of thing in Bootstrap Studio?

Hello sll55,

The thumbnail you spoken is a link to a page where you told, new page, container, insert(slide video component to page) video, show me the video wat you want?

But, at home i cant see my video working, when i upload to my provider then you see it working, when you use firefox, he complain , site is not secure, yellow triangle?

Grtx Rinus,


Firefox cant handle file.mp4, covert your mp4 to file.og must do the trick?!

There's no simple way to do this in BSS without going to an outside plug-in or script. The website you posted is using Fancybox to load the videos in a modal window. There are many lightbox type programs that can do this sort of thing. I've never used Fancybox, but it's free, so I see no reason to not give it a try...


Firefox plays .mp4, .webm and .ogv files natively without any issues. When putting HTML video on your website, best practice is to include a version of the video in all three formats. Firefox has no trouble with any of them.