Is there any sample bsdesign files?


I just bought Bootstrap Studio and I was wondering if there are any sample web sites (.bsdesign files) that I can download somewhere.

Kind Regards, Mikael

What I looking for is a more complete website (e.g. with pages like Products and Contact Us and so on)

Let me be more specific.

I would like a one-page website sample where the content changes according to my website layout. E.g. when entering the website the visitor sees the Home page, the visitor can the select e.g. Contact Us and then Home content is replaced by Contact Us content (and not just a scroll down to on the page).

Something where a layout like this can be done in a one-page Bootstrap solution. Website layout

Is it possible and how? - and sorry for being a complete newbie :-)

Do you have an example of such a site that already exists?

Yes (but not made with Bootstrap and not made as one page).

link to my webpage

sorry i meant a page that functions like you are requesting.

im still not clear what the ask is here. are you requesting to have 1 page only and when users clock a nav item the main body section of copy refreshes to display content?

would using modals to house content work? ie, us a full width pop up module for your contact form?

I found this link:

It shows a simple one page website with a few "pages".

My ask might not be much related to bootstrap, but perhaps more angular related. Again, I'm quite young in these skills.

ahhh now it makes sense.

i don't believe this is possible to do within the app it self as angular.js is not supported, however what you could do here is create a design that you are happy with, and then once created you would need to export your design into generated html and then manually edit and add the angular tags in another html editor and call in the relevant JS files to get this to work.

that link is a great reference link so thanks for raising this topic

actually i am just trying something to see if i can replicate that page you shared by editing and adding my own attributes

I have a really dumb question so don't shoot me lol. Why would you go through all this trouble to make something that in the end is still serving up 3 pages of information? I guess my main question is what difference does it make if it's a "one page" system or multiple page system? Does it affect something such a speed of loading or other attributes of a page? Just curious here so I can get an idea of why this type of setup would be used. Thanks!

my guess is this set up is used for building apps.

ok so i have tried to replicate that demo page but its not working for me :(

Hi Jo. I'm trying to learn. I expect to building bigger websites (or web apps as I would like to call them) later on.

@ Chris, sorry to hear that it seems not to work for you. But thanks for explaining and trying it out. :-)