Is using this software considered 'cheating'

Hey, I've had the software purchased for a good month now and have wanted to take it further to create sites for clients. Would it be considered 'cheating' for me to use the program to create the sites for clients, then export them afterwards? Some may thing 'woah how is it cheating' but then it's not me physically writing the code up, I know I still factor doing the CSS myself however.

I wanted to get your views, sorry if this isn't the correct section I didn't know where else to put it.


If that is the case, than all ide's, frameworks, etc would be considered cheating as well.. I on the other hand consider it productive.. the more faster and productive you are the more work you get.

Hello, thank you for voicing your feedback!

Yeah I can totally agree there honestly, I just wasn't sure overall.

Seriously? lol, I've been doing by hand via code end of Dreamweaver and various other programs for years, if this is cheating then so be it! I already know "how" to do what I'm doing with BSS, this is just saving me the time having to do it all over and over!

I use BSS to make all my client sites at this time, so hopefully that helps answer your question. In the end, it doesn't matter really how you create it, what matters is if you can keep it up and managed, edited, updated, etc. "after" it's been exported and created etc. That's where the real talent comes in, not just in the creating.

Also, I do all my editing within BSS as well, I haven't edited a site outside of BSS for over a year now and it makes me a very happy camper to be able to finally have a tool that does half the tedious work for me!

My answer? NO! Not cheating at all, and in the end how you make the site is your business and not your clients. I don't charge my clients by "how" I create a site, but by what goes in it, period. Doesn't matter how I create it, only what goes into it.

Thanks for your reply, I was just unsure - I love using the software and it certainly makes life a lot easier. Thanks for the feedback from everybody, I was just a little unsure

It’s the best kind of cheating. Ha.

Some text editor Purists would say yes. Heck I am a novice and if this cheating well I just don’t care.