Issue with dragging items "down" in Overview

To be more precise, it's not dragging, it's dropping that is an issue. I've had this issue for some time but I kept forgetting about it. Anyways, many times when you drag something down and try to drop it, you cannot drop it. It gives you the idea that maybe it's not allowed so you move on wondering why ... etc.

Actually, if you drag the item below it up and drop it above the one you want to drag down, that works. So it's not a disallowed thing, just a quirk in the drag and drop I guess.

Also being even more precise, many times it's a specific spot that won't let you drop, you might be able to drop below that area further, just not in the spot you're trying to drop it. Gets a bit frustrating and it's surprising even to myself, that I waited this long to report it! lol.<br /> Unfortunately I cannot see any particular way to reproduce this on a regular basis, but I can tell you if I do find a spot, it's always that way. In other words, if I get the item where I want it working around by dragging other items up instead of the item I want to move down. If I put them back and then try to drag my item down, it still will not drop where I want it so although I cannot find any particular instances when it happens, it's 100% reproducible if you find one and it happens a lot.

Ok so I may have narrowed something down on this. I just had it happen again and this time I can say for sure that this one happened due to the item being the last item in a column, and it had children in it (basically it was a list group item with a link in it, and it was not collapsed). The reason that's important is because if the parent item is open (arrow down and children are showing) you cannot drag anything below it. I can drag it above it whether the item above it is open or collapsed, but if the bottom one in a column is open, you cannot drop anything below it. I collapse the list group item so the link no longer shows, and now I can drag another an item below it.

Doesn't have anything to do with it being a list group I'm sure, but because it's the last item in a column and it's that item is not collapsed.

Not sure if that's the only case this happens in, but I've reproduced it a bunch of times just now so hopefully it reproduces on your end to get it fixed.

Thanks for reporting this! Unfortunately, in the situation you're describing it is impossible to know where exactly the component should go. As a workaround, you can drop the component directly on top of the parent label and it will be added as its last child. I hope this makes sense.

Well yes, I can do that, but it's extra steps and it happens a lot. Yesterday it happened when I was dragging something UP to the top of a row (within the row, top child), and can't seem to drop at the top of the tree either. It's pretty consistent and happens most of the time actually. Should be something that can be reproduced pretty easily on your eld.

Create a Row with about 5 sibling columns, drag the bottom column to the top number 1 column position. Try to drop it. Do the same by dragging it to the bottom number 5 and try to drop it. It happens with all components that I've been using so far. Once in a while, not often, I can drop it even though I don't see the blue line indicating it's droppable and it will go to the correct position, but that's not often.