Javascript to protect email addresses from Bots


I'm still migrating from Wordpressing to Bootstrapping.<br /> My question is related to protecting email addresses posted on my websites. I know there are javascript functions that can do this while allowing for the mailto: function to work. Is there any one solution that you suggest I use? Is there a singular resource (or sources) where I might find snippets of code for use in instances like these?



Great question - haven't thought of it much because I use PHP for mail functions but a quick search turned up this article The are of web which may be a start. As I have time to look more I'll see if I can find better guidance. Additionally since the sneaky google bots are constantly find ways to mine data from websites maybe an additional HTML directive to stop Google searches will help also. I need to lookup the directives and can provide them when I have them. I haven't tested any of this - just providing to maybe further your research.

Regards, Don