Javascript, where and how?


Im new with Bootstrap..I want to convert a website i've allready made.. I hope someone can help me with my issues and if the options i want doens'nt exist now, maybe the programmers can think about creating them.

  1. I really miss a import or convert HTML option.. one tag at the time i am trying to recreate th edesign i've allready made in other software.
  2. I saw that it is not so easy recreating

<nav> ... </nav>

  1. i was searching for h1 or h2.. im glad i found them under heading.. it would be nice i could find it searching for h1 cause i know HTML tags
  2. What about javascript? I can make the javascript files but i miss the "<script src="Javascript/my_file.js"></script>"; I cannot get that code inside the "<head>" also not in the <body>... how does it works.

i would be so much nicer making my components if i could easyer add html and javascript codes or files.<br /> Please help me if i am doing it wrong.

Thank you


When you open up your design, in the right hand corner you will see a design panel, expand that and you will see open for JavaScript, in her you can link to ha files via cdn or you have open to create your own JavaScript file.

You also have option to drag and drop a file into bootstrap studio but you won't be able to edit it.

Oh and as for importing your html template, bootstrap studio doesn't allow that as your mark up might not be accurate so unfortunately it doesn't allow it. (I personally think this is a good thing)

Anyway... i have a hard time getting javascript to work. after making a component that crasy software is making in

Styles <br> - Style.css<br> - Full-width-Image-Slider.css<br> - Full-width-Image-Slider1.css<br>

and in Javascript<br> -Full-width-Image-Slider.js<Br> -Full-width-Image-Slider1.js<Br>

Its not realy supporting me cause its making files i never saw and duplicates of them. I've won a award from Microsoft for writing w3C Valid code.. this is not really helping me saving time.. I need to spend more time fixing duplicates and deleting them 'AFTER' saving my clean code as a components. :(

Does anyone knows how i can save Components to share them.. I don't find a way to export the codes.

i'll give it another try.. i payed for it...

Screenshots to show you my problem! Some really weird things are going on. I dont like how the software is changing my files and create alternative files.<br /> I understand i bit the idea of the Javascripts. But the CSS? Component.css and Component1.css is crappy and a duplicated file.

Am i doing someting wrong?

And i found the Export Component!

Looks like a bug that is duplicating components that are built. If you raise this in the bug report section I'm sure Martin will look and fix in a future release.

I have just raised the issue of duplicate files being crested in the bug report section

Here is the bug that Chris has reported. I have written a reply there and am looking forward to your input on how you would prefer files in Custom Components to work.

Thanks Martin