Jquery and Javascript use in Bootstrap Studio

Hi Reader and Bootstrap Studio users,

I hope you're having a great day.

I am looking to develop a career in web design, and bootstrap studio seems like the perfect tool for me.

I am currently learning HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and Jquery.

Would I need to learn proper Javascript too, in order to use Bootstrap Studio to design professional websites for lead generation, or is jquery sufficient?



If you are planning on making a career out of web design then I would think learning JavaScript would be beneficial.

However to build very nice looking websites this tool is extremely useful to do so.

Bootstrap is nice, but being well rounded is important. You have to be able to use bootstrap, and build them without bootstrap. Sometimes building from scratch can prove how worthy of a position you are. I used to have a site solely using bootstrap, but I then looked at what made it bootstrap and how it worked, discovering more doors to help me get a grip on the field of technology. Learning both would be great, depending on what field you want to get into. I suggest expanding from frontend to fullstack so you can not only manage your server, but have a wider field of expertise, making it more likely for you to get hired. Supply and demand for these people is a bit overwhelming, so you need to show that you're better than your competitors, and why.