Jquery Datatables Support

When could you add support for https://datatables.net ? It is used almost everywhere.

It would be great to have it on Bootstrap Studio!

Thank you for your suggestion! The best way to handle dynamic plugins like these is to initialize them with code.

You can place a div in your design, give it an ID and style it with the size that you need. After this import the js file of the plugin in your design, and initialize it manually in a new js file.

I have downloaded and used the data table. but I am not able to get Pagination and other Datatable features. How to get that?

You need to write a JS file, or copy one that someone has already done etc. The main js files you can use by importing them into the program, but the one that initializes it you'll want to create a custom js file to add that code to.

You should also check the online components, and the main components list to see if those items may already have been added to the app or created by someone who shared it. Saves you a lot of work that way. Only downfall of the shared ones is sometimes they are completely custom code so that negates all the drag and drop capabilities for that element, but many times its such a minimal code item that it doesn't really matter.